Cash Buyers List For Real Estate Wholesalers!

How To Find Cash Buyers?

Computer Generated Transcript:

hey Alex here with cash buyers this is a little video for those of you who either have cash buyers but still can't find someone and flip your deals - or who don't have any cash buyers at all - flip your deals - so this can work for either one of you now before I go on I want to mention this it's that you should always be building your cash buyers list okay so I encourage you to go ahead and do so but this is not a video on how to do that there are plenty of good videos online and instructional information on different web pages on how to do that on how to find cash buyers this is not a video on how to find cash buyers but it is videos for those of you who if you have a deal on the contract and you don't have cash buyers or if you have cash buyers but still can't flip your deal this may be the video for it so this is for those of you who are looking to flip a deal quickly possibly and so you can use our cash buyers lists so that's what this video is about it's not hard to build a cash buyers list I just gotta get that out of the way so who are we what do we do well we are willing to work with anyone who is willing to work with us we have a huge national and international cash buyers list we have individuals that buy locally in almost every market we have individuals that only buy locally we have access to them and we also have international I mean nationwide so and some of them are international as well so we have nationwide buyers who just buy anywhere buy properties anywhere as long as it's a good deal for them well I must say just because you have a real estate wholesaling cash buyers list and you can't flip your deal it doesn't mean it's not a good deal because what I find in this business is that just because it's not a deal for one person it doesn't mean that it's not a deal to another so let me go ahead and show you how to partner with us if that's what you're looking for JV deal you can use our viruses we have a huge extensive buyers list but let me show you what I'm looking for and how we go about partnering with you so I'll just pause the video and go to the website and continue from there alright so when you get on the website get international comm what you want to do is click on JV partnership okay if you're looking to use our cash buyers list now my internet is really slow for some reason should have been there okay so anyhow like I said if you're looking to get access to cash buyers quickly you can use our list and we'll definitely market the property to our list the deal to our list so on there are some weak requirements and they are all listed below but I like this right here where it says making fifty sixty or seventy percent seventy or eighty percent of something is better than making 100 percent of nothing so I believe that your net worth is connected to your network so the more individuals you tie to the better it is so there are some requirements here you like those requirements you meet them and you don't have a problem with it you feel this is something you can work with that it will help you then by all means submit your property on the form below there is a form right here for information about the property now the bedroom and bathroom and that's not important we could get that information but on here's some basic requirements that we work with so you know you gotta be the one who has a property in the contract oh you have to be a partner with the wholesaler at least okay so we own one daisy chains with fees added on top you know we get a lot of those we don't want that for many reasons not that if you have a property and your feets been added on top that you know it's not a black and white thing so basically what I'm trying to say is that we'll take a look at it and if it works for us the numbers are good yeah we'll still partner with you and market the property but you gotta be at least the primary thing we're looking for is if you're directly selling the property on the contract you have direct to sell also you gotta be willing to sign a partnership agreement with us or a flex option contract and we also got to verify the fact that you have that property on the contract because we do everything by the book all right so if that doesn't work for you then don't contact us you know it's not gonna work for us we're just gonna waste time both lists so and the property is the thing I get a lot of properties right and I get a lot of individuals who actually want me to market this property to my buyers you know we are more than willing to do that but then but then when I start doing research I find that the property is either listed um somewhere else for much less you know I mean and how does that make sense we feel with fair intelligent investors and buyers and as I stated here all you got to do is Google that property and see that it's going for Less not we look back so we're not gonna do that if the property is going somewhere else for less you know we're not gonna we're not gonna jump on that deal don't bring me a property that's going for somewhere at 2:22 and you you know you're bringing it to me at 2:46 that doesn't work for us it does not work for us so also we got to have the right to market that property anywhere on our site or online so if we can't do that I you know I got a guy who sends me properties but we can't market it online which is the thing is we have another website all investment property calm and that's where a lot of our buyers actually come to looking for properties and on our YouTube channel as well so if we can't market it we're not interested you just know waste your time in our time okay so these are the main requirements that you have the property on the contract that you give us equitable interest in the property we do everything by the book if that works for you then by all means you know scroll to the bottom but your information in their property address you know are you direct a seller answer all these questions that are required and we'll see if this is something we can work alright thank you for watching this is Alex with cash buyers international comm and we look forward to doing business with you have a great day


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